Equity partner who was 'under a lot of pressure' hanged himself

AN EQUITY partner with an international estate agency felt under so much pressure that he killed himself.

James Gloag, 42, residential manager with Strutt and Parker's Harrogate office, was found hanged on December 4 at his home in Burton Leonard, near Ripon, by his wife, Joanne.

Coroner Geoff Fell said at a Harrogate inquest that Mr Gloag told his doctor he had been visited at home by his senior partner seven days after taking time off work.

Mr Fell, who said Mr Gloag had been told that the senior partner would return, revealed: "There was some question that the national equity partnership would be taken away from him."

In a statement to police after her husband's death, Mrs Gloag said they had married in 1990. He was a happy person but worked 12 hours a day and could sometimes become anxious.

Even when he was on holiday Mr Gloag would telephone his office to make sure that property deals were proceeding as planned. He told his wife that he felt "burned out" and became depressed.

Mr Gloag had lost two stones in weight and was prescribed sleeping tablets and other medication.

After treatment, there were signs that he was improving but he remained anxious and would not sit in a room where people other than his family could see him or go out to cut the grass if the neighbours were about. He asked a consultant psychiatrist: "Will I be able to do my job?"

When Mrs Gloag left at 7am on December 4 her husband was still in bed. When she returned at 2pm she found him hanged. He left a note.

Recording a verdict that Mr Gloag took his own life, Mr Fell said: "He obviously felt that his employer was placing him under a lot of pressure even when he was ill. Whether this was fact or Mr Gloag's perception is not clear from the evidence."

Mr Fell said Mr Gloag had felt intimidated and had told his doctor that he had to take medication before the meeting with the senior partner.

The Coroner added: "He was under a lot of pressure to deliver. The note he left suggests that."