Work hoped to start on Knaresborough's Bond End 'by end of the year'

Ann Hill, resident of Bond End says the answer is not two mini-roundabouts.
Ann Hill, resident of Bond End says the answer is not two mini-roundabouts.

Work to improve Knaresborough's most polluted junction could start by the end of the year.

Modelling and design work on three potential solutions to reduce air pollution at Bond End is currently being undertaken by North Yorkshire County Council consultants, Mouchel.

But the County Council has said that work on the preferred scheme is hoped to start by the end of the year.

Later this month, the Bond End steering group, made up of representatives from the three area councils, will make a final recommendation to the County Area Committee.

The recommendation will be given before a final decision is taken in consultation with NYCC Executive members.

Option three was initially the first scheme to be developed, before the consultation had taken place.

It would introduce one mini roundabout, remove the traffic lights where Bond End meets Boroughbridge Road and introduce two new controlled pedestrian crossings where Bond End meets High Bond End.

Another option, scheme seven, would install three new pedestrian crossings and a new road layout on High Bond End.

But following a significant amount of support during the consultation, it was decided to also progress option one, which would remove four sets of traffic lights and introduce two mini roundabouts.

However the popular scheme hasn't gone down so well with all Knaresborough residents.

Ann Hill, resident of Bond End, said that removing the traffic lights and replacing them with two roundabouts would make her a prisoner in her own home.

At the moment the traffic lights stop motorists on Bond End just long enough for Ms Hill to get out of her drive, but a mini-roundabout would sit right outside her house.

She said: "When I come out, I have to reverse out of the drive and we can't see round that corner from High Bond End. The whole idea is just stupidity.

"I will be a prisoner."

The concern has been raised by neighbours of Ms Hill as well, who also showed concern for the residents of Church Lane, saying: "Church Lane will never even get into the flow of traffic."

Ms Hill said the two mini-roundabout scheme was being backed by people who don't understand what it is like to live on Bond End, and called for consideration of other solutions like limiting the size and weight of vehicles that can use the road.

She said: "Come and live here. They have no idea of what is happening down here. They come through in their cars and that is as much as they know."

A spokesperson for NYCC said: "The public consultation on the Bond End junction improvements took place from January 9 to February 10.

"There were 113 online responses and more than 100 people attended consultation events at Knaresborough Library.

"As part of the consultation the Local Highway Authority had constructive discussions with local people regarding the issues and these will be considered further.

"Seven options were put forward and from the responses received the favoured ones were options 1, 3 and 7.

"Modelling and design work on the three options is being undertaken. As part of this work, consideration will be given to all road users including the existing residential access points on the junction.

"It is hoped to start work on the preferred scheme by the end of the year."