Spring clean for Hambleton’s verges and roadsides

spring clean
spring clean

A massive 23 tonnes of waste has been collected from the road and roadside verges of Hambleton during the annual ‘spring clean’.

With collections of green compostable waste suspended throughout February, District Council Waste and Street Scene staff take on other duties including extra litter collections.

They cleaned up the main A1, A19, A167, A168 and A172 as well as the town centres - with problem lay-bys along the A1 and A19 given a thorough clean up.

And other problem areas for fly tipping were visited and cleared with construction waste, domestic white goods, TVs, household furniture, tyres, and domestic waste picked up.

The mechanical sweepers and litter pickers also added some villages into their regular schedule.

“During the months of January and February, collections of green waste are suspended apart from one visit to take Christmas trees,” said Street Scene Manager, John Proud.

“Householders leave very little green waste out at this time so rather than see pointless collections take place we divert the staff to other duties.

“Judging by the amount of waste collected it shows that there is a need to do this.

“This is an ongoing problem and one we will continue to work on throughout the year.

“The 23 tonnes equates to around 6,000 black sacks of waste.”