Reminder to sign up for recycling scheme

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Households in the Harrogate district who currently have their garden waste collected from the kerbside are being encouraged to sign up to the new optional chargeable scheme as soon as possible to avoid any break in service.

From Monday 26 June 26, garden waste will only be collected from those households who have subscribed to the service.

The council is recommending that households register by Friday 23 June 23 to ensure that their garden waste will continue to be collected.

Zoe Metcalfe, Harrogate Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Waste Reduction and Recycling said: “More than 18,000 people have already signed up to our new optional subscription garden waste collection service.

“The scheme offers great value for money and provides an alternative to having to take garden waste to one of the household waste recycling centres in our district.

“We have introduced this subscription service so that we can expand the service to the thousands of households across the district who are currently unable to receive it.

“Later this year households who do not currently have the service will be able to subscribe for the 2018 season.

“There is still time for residents to sign up to ensure there is no gap in their garden waste collections and I would encourage anyone interested to complete their subscription online by visiting our website or by calling the council.”

In May, letters were sent out to households who currently use the service advising them of the changes and how they can subscribe to the new service. So far, 18,700 residents have signed up.

The subscription service will run fortnightly from March until the start of December, with a winter break in December, January and February when no collections take place.

The cost of the service is £23.40 per bin in 2017, as it only covers collections from the end of June to the start of December. In 2018, the subscription service will be expanded to all suitable properties in the district with a seasonal cost of £39.

The licence covers one garden waste bin. Households wishing to have more bins can have as many as they like, but each additional bins will cost £23.40 in 2017 or £39 in 2018. Residents also have the opportunity to share their bin with a neighbour if they have a small garden.

Residents who choose not to subscribe to the scheme will be able to dispose of their garden waste for free by taking it to one of the local household waste recycling centres or by home composting.

esidents can subscribe to the service by visiting or by contacting the council’s customer services team on 01423 500 600.