Newly surfaced Harrogate road dug up just 'two days' after repairs

Jenny Field Drive, Harrogate.
Jenny Field Drive, Harrogate.

Residents of Jenny Field Drive in Harrogate have expressed shock after a utility company started digging up the road, just 'two days' after it had been repaired.

The road had been surface dressed by North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) contractors, in the first week of June, as part of their ongoing roads maintenance programme.

But resident, Anne Boodt, said she was 'amazed' to see Northern Gas Networks (NGN) completing essential maintenance work only 48 hours after the road repairs had finished.

She said: "I was amazed to see our newly surfaced road, Jenny Field Drive, being dug up for new gas mains within two days of the resurfacing!

"We have known the gas main work was imminent for weeks. Talk about crossed wires."

NYCC's Executive Member for Highways Councillor Don Mackenzie responded by clarifying that the road had not been completely resurfaced, but surface dressed.

He said: "First, let me clarify that we have not resurfaced Jenny Field Drive. We have done patch repairs and then surface dressed it.

"We are currently surface dressing about 70 miles of roads in the Harrogate area.

"Whilst we would not resurface a road immediately before a utility planned to carry out essential repairs, we do not hold up a huge surface dressing programme if there are utility works planned because reinstatement either by NYCC or the utility, in this case, NGN, is quick and easy.

"Compare that with Beckwith Road where we have delayed resurfacing that road until Yorkshire water have finished their mains replacement works."