Green group’s carbon challenge

Residents are being urged to take part in a scheme to reduce their carbon footprint this summer.

Wednesday, 30th June 2021, 2:56 pm
Penny Stables planting a tree to reduce the carbon footprint, earlier this year.

Boston Spa, Wetherby and Villages Green Group will be launching its Summer Challenge at Morrisons on Tuesdays throughout July and Boston Spa Festival on the July 11,

Group spokesman Penny Stables said: “Our climate is changing. Every time you travel by car, charge your mobile phone, switch on the TV, run the washing machine or do many other everyday activities, you leave a trail of carbon dioxide and other gases – basically you leave a carbon footprint.

“These emissions build up in the atmosphere, drive up temperatures, contribute to global warming and speed up climate change.

She added: “The effects of this has led to more extreme weather patterns with more storms, stronger winds, heavier rainfall – and also more droughts.

Climate change is a serious problem with severe consequences.”

The group’s challenge - which can be downloaded at - aims to prompt people to think about their carbon footprint.

Penny added: “A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases – primarily carbon dioxide – released into the atmosphere by a particular human activity.

“Transport is the biggest source of carbon emissions – if we walk or cycle rather than use a car, train or bus and never use air travel then our carbon footprint will be a lot smaller than someone who uses all these modes of transport.

“We all have a carbon footprint, each will be different.”