Big clean-up in Boroughbridge

Rubbish bags full of waste collected in the clear-up in Boroughbridge.
Rubbish bags full of waste collected in the clear-up in Boroughbridge.

Walking over the River Ure bridge in Boroughbridge last weekend, you might have been forgiven for thinking that the town had been invaded by The Wombles.

But no, this was a group of hardy individuals at work helping to clear up the town.

Rubbish has been gathering around the Water Rats’ Club on Mill Lane, Boroughbridge, for quite some time and the town council – alerted by a resident of Mill Lane – decided enough was enough.

A working party was arranged by town clerk Nellie Heavisides, and with the help of her husband Rick, Coun Kenny Fuller and Ray Lofthouse from the Water Rats’ Club, the team has really made a difference.

Earlier in the week Coun Fuller and his wife Julie had made a very noticeable start but had to stop when drug injecting paraphernalia was discovered.

Harrogate Borough Council could not help and so a call was made to North Yorkshire Horizons, a Harrogate charity that delivers specialist drug and alcohol services to people in North Yorkshire.

Chris Fawcett was promptly sent out to assist Nellie to make the area safe before the weekend’s final push.

The Water Rats’ building has long been a matter of concern to the residents of Boroughbridge and to the town council.

The building is nearing the end of its useable life and the town council is looking to form a partnership with other interested groups and members of the community to develop the site and provide a community facility.

The issue of the development of the Water Rats’ building forms a part of the Boroughbridge Town Council Business Plan. This is currently under public consultation and comments regarding the Water Rats’ building and various other issues are invited from residents and visitors.

Feedback forms are available from the Post Office, Tourist Information Point, library and council offices at 1 Hall Square, Boroughbridge, and at at the website www.

The deadline for feedback is February 27.