Stone age mystery greets pupils

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Glasshouses Primary pupils were greeted back to school after the February half term by some mysterious goings on.

As they arrived on Monday morning they saw smoke from a fire, spears, flints, hugh boulders with cave paintings on and, even some fur from a suspected Woolly Mammoth.

The children became crime scene investigators as they interviewed witnesses and took statements about the morning’s events from teachers and local fossil expert – Mr Richard Langley. They had to ask questions to ascertain what had happened in the morning, and learnt forensic skills.

Headteacher, Miss Nicola Thornber, said: “The children arrived at school to discover something mysterious had been happening during the half-term break. They were all very excited and keen to find out exactly what had happened while they had been on holiday.”

All of the children visited the scene throughout the day and had the opportunity to ask questions, discuss and formulate a case for what could have happened.

The children were all excited to learn more about the Stone Age this half term and each class have decided what they would like to learn more about.

The day has inspired the children and given them a purpose to research and write about. They are very busy creating and we cannot wait to see the children work over the next few weeks.