New outdoor space for infant school

catterick village
catterick village

staff at Wavell Infant School, Catterick, wanted to develop an outdoor space that could be used for their popular storytelling classes.

They wanted to create an area that could be used throughout the year, whatever the weather, in a natural environment that would inspire the pupils.

New playground equipment, designed and installed by Playforce, has helped them create a relaxed, open space where stories can be created and shared.

A spokesman for the school said physical activity and outdoor learning within schools is becoming increasingly important as NHS statistics show that over a third of children are overweight by the time they leave primary school.

According to Ofsted’s ‘Learning outside the classroom’ report (2008), learning beyond the traditional classroom helps to improve pupils’ personal, social and emotional development, so a stimulating outside environment will enhance teaching and learning experiences.

The storytelling area at Wavell Infant School has been used by staff and pupils to share stories and create new ones.

The Storyteller Chair sits at the front and acts as the stage for budding storytellers.

The Polycarbonate shelter means that lessons and playtimes can be taken outside whatever the weather and at Wavell Infant School the rain never stops play.

Wavell Infant School story space has a Storyteller Chair, Toadstool Set, Link Bench with Posts, Dual Sloping Balance Beam, Rubber Step Posts, Balance Weaver, Rectangular Shelter Polycarbonate Roof.

The local Playforce Grounds Consultant said: “Storytelling is really popular with infant school pupils and dedicating an outdoor space to it is a fantastic idea.

“The area can be used in lessons by the teachers but at playtimes the children take over and share their own stories.”