Breakfast club forms from garden work

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Green-fingered work has grown shoots with stronger community links being formed between Willow Tree Primary Year 6 pupils and Woodlands Methodist Church.

A gardening project was started to develop skills, mentoring, positive role models and pride for a group of Y6 pupils at the Harrogate school and the garden volunteers.

Following this successful project, the school was asked to set up a Breakfast Club for local older people on a Friday before the school day, to provide a hearty meal and a chance to socialise.

Since the Easter holiday, pupils have helped to serve and socialise with the attendees, thanks to food donations from Lidl and Bookers.

Two of the eight pupils are also part of the successful Gardening Project.

A pupil said: “It helps me to become more confident because I get really nervous when I go into new places.

“It’s really fun and I enjoy it. I also really love eating the bread.”

One of the Y6 pupils who attend said: “I love the fact it is outside of school, I can have breakfast then come to school. It’s nice to chat to other people. I really like helping people and working with my friends.”

Year 6 Willow Tree teacher Mrs Spruce said: “This project has had a positive impact in some many ways.

“The children arrive at school with a smile on their face with a greater self-confidence, which has impacted on their work.”