Deputy dawg looking for new sheriff

Deputy Dawg is looking for a new sheriff after being left with the Blue Cross in Thirsk. (S)
Deputy Dawg is looking for a new sheriff after being left with the Blue Cross in Thirsk. (S)

Deputy, an ex-racing greyhound, is desperate for a home after being at Blue Cross rehoming centre in Thirsk for 150 days – more than five times the average stay for homeless dogs at the charity.

The poor canine has seen hopes dashed after being reserved by potential owners three times but each time the new homes unexpectedly fell through.

Deputy was given up to the charity at just three years old after he was retired from racing and his owner no longer wanted to keep him.

Despite finding a home just a couple of weeks later, he came back to the centre the following month when his heartbroken owners realised they were not able to care for him after all.

Lyn Henderson, Animal Behaviour Coordinator at Blue Cross in Thirsk said: “Deputy has been nicknamed after the popular children’s cartoon and after his long stay with us we are desperate for to find him a ‘sheriff’ he can show his loyalty to.

“We don’t know why he has been so unlucky but there is a common misunderstanding that greyhounds are high in energy and need lots of exercise, which might be putting people off.

“But all Deputy wants is a few leisurely walks and a nice cosy bed to snooze in.”

Although Deputy retired from racing at just three years old greyhounds can live up to 12 to 15 years of age.

Lyn added: “Deputy is a loving dog and very popular with all the team and volunteers at the centre.

“Although we are desperate to see him in a home of his own he will be very much missed when he finally leaves us.”

To find out more about Deputy, other pets needing homes at Blue Cross or to make a donation visit or phone 0300 777 1540 or email