Cruel vandals target ginnel after clean-up

One of the smashed plant troughs. (S)
One of the smashed plant troughs. (S)

Vandals have smashed plant troughs in a Ripon alleyway just six days after they were installed as part of a community clean-up.

Police are appealing for information following the incident in the ginnel, which leads from Booths car park into the city centre.

The two new troughs were ripped off the walls and thrown to the ground on Saturday night, causing around £60 worth of damage.

They were installed by volunteers the previous weekend as part of a clean-up organised by community Facebook group Blow Your Horn Ripon in an attempt to improve the city’s appearance.

Sally Tweddle, who organised the event, said: “It’s such a shame isn’t it? Costa staff found them like that on Sunday morning so they must have been smashed late on Saturday night.

“The troughs were secured to the wall with screws and rawlplugs so it must have taken some force to dislodge them. The plants have been rescued and re-potted but the troughs are beyond repair - after one a week.”

The CCTV camera which monitors the area was out of action so the culprits weren’t caught on camera, however it is in the process of being repaired.

Sally added: “A camera being available down there may also deter the regular dog walker who allows their dog to foul the ginnel. Once people discover they could be prosecuted for either criminal damage or dog fouling in that area, they may think twice.

“On the good news front, a resident has offered to plant lots of bulbs in the newly-created garden and we have also had people kindly watering the new plants and offering to plant more down there, so I’m sure the community will win out.”

Anyone with information about the incident should contact police on 101.