Volunteer’s car attacked by vandals after event

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A Jubilee volunteer finished a 20-hour stint helping run Ripon’s celebrations to find vandals had attacked his car.

Phil Moorhouse arrived at Ripon market square at 6am on Monday, June 4, and worked into the early hours of the following morning helping to run and clear up after the party. When he returned to his car he found it badly scratched on one side.

He said: “It looks like a screwdriver or a knife, and they have had to get down the side of the parked car to do it.

“It’s definitely not an accident. You don’t draw pictures by accident.”

Phil’s car was parked close to his printing business in the Black Swan yard on Westgate, and the vandals hit sometime between 10pm on Monday and 10am on Tuesday.

“We went for a drink on Monday night, so I left the car parked and came back for it at 10 o’clock the next morning,” he said.

Phil prints posters and signs for many community events, and provided all the signs for the Jubilee celebrations on the Ripon bypass. He is also involved in the St Wilfrid’s Procession, but said that finding his car attacked after a day of volunteering will stop him giving his time in future.

He said: “It’s rubbish. You do your public duty and do a bit of volunteer work, and then you get dumped on by people.”

It has put a dampener on memories of a fantastic day, he added.

Ripon’s Mayor Andrew Williams, who helped organise the events, said he was appalled at the attack on Mr Moorhouse’s car.

He said: “Unfortunately there seems to be a mindless minority intent on causing damage rather than enjoying what is provided but it would be a shame if that detracted from an extremely enjoyable day.”

Acting Insp Christine Turner of Ripon police said they are treating the incident as criminal damage but no arrests had been made. “There is no CCTV footage and the vehicle was parked out of sight,” she added.