Plans to tackle rise in shoplifting

Call 101 if you have information which can help Ripon police.
Call 101 if you have information which can help Ripon police.

Ripon is the only place in the district to have seen an increase in crime with 104 more offences reported compared with the previous year.

The newly released figures marked a 9.1 per cent rise on last year with an increase in criminal damage, on dwelling burglaries and cycle theft.

However, the most substantial increase was that of shoplifting which saw 57 more instances recorded this year.

Despite the increasing instances of shoplifting, Supt Aubrey Smith, Safer Neighbourhood Commander for Harrogate, said that the numbers represented a national trend.

“The increases were relatively small in number but plans have already been put in place to address that,” he said.

“These numbers are not unique to Ripon and North Yorkshire and there are a number of reasons for the increase, including the austere times and the impact that has on people.

“We’re trying to reduce these opportunities and lessen the impact on small businesses because the thefts impact them more than bigger stores.”

Supt Smith stressed the increased number of visitors to Ripon for the Tour de France should feel safe in the knowledge that the police are not turning a blind eye to the instances.