Pet-owners beware: Warning after cat shot with pellet in brutal Harrogate attack

Marge at the vets (s)
Marge at the vets (s)

Pet-owners in Harrogate have been warned to stay vigilant after a cat was shot with a pellet and left with a punctured lung.

Aimee Bellwood was called by worried members at Shamrock Veterinary Clinic, on Tuesday, July 26, after her cat had been missing for more than three days.

Marge with owner Aimee

Marge with owner Aimee

When she arrived at the vets, she was given the devastating news that her three-year-old cat Marge needed life-saving surgery after being shot with a pellet gun.

Marge had suffered a punctured lung in the sickening attack and further X-Rays confirmed that she had also sustained a shattered pelvis and a broken leg.

Police confirmed to Aimee that there had been an increase of similar attacks on cats around the Stray and she warned other pet-owners to stay vigilant.

She said: "When I got to the vets, I found out that somebody had found Marge in their garden on Monday morning but thought she was just sleeping.

"When Marge was still there when he got back from work he decided to take her to the vets, that's when they found out she had been attacked.

"I felt sick when I first saw Marge at the vets. I couldn't tell what her injuries were at first but then she just lifted her head up and put it on my hand.

"There are two theories around what happened to her. The vets think she was either shot with a pellet gun and ran into a car when she was dazed.

"But the injuries were on her left side, so the vets also think that after she was shot she could have been kicked."

Marge is now three weeks into her six-week rehabilitation but vets have yet to confirm if she will be left with any long-term injuries following the attack.

Aimee said: "When the vet started to explain the treatment that she went through, they were shocked that she had even survived.

"You just don't expect this kind of thing to happen in Harrogate at all because everyone is so friendly. It's been an absolutely awful experience.

"People have been so supportive and kind with their well wishes but also angry that this could have happened.

"To think someone could harm a defenseless animal. She is the sweetest cat and I just feel sick at the thought of someone harming her."