Parva spray used to subdue father and son

POLICE had to use Parva spray to subdue a father who resisted arrest over an allegation of assault on a member of his family, a court was told on Tuesday.

Harrogate magistrates heard how police had been called to the home of Michael Anthony Childs in Swinton Court, Harrogate, at 3.30am on September 23.

Prosecutor Katie Varlow said officers, who had responded to reports of a domestic disturbance found that although 42-year-old Childs had been drinking, everything seemed to have calmed down.

Mrs Varlow said police advised those in the premises to go to bed but as Childs moved to climb the stairs it was claimed he had been involved in an assault on his son.

And when police decided to arrest him both he and his son became aggressive. The pair had to be subdued by the use of Parva spray.

When Childs pleaded guilty to resisting a police officer in the execution of his duty, his solicitor Helen Howard said he had little recollection of the incident. He had been singing and the next thing he knew was waking up in the police station cells. He had then been taken to hospital where he was found to have two fractured ribs.

Miss Howard said Childs had been drinking quite heavily in the lead up to the incident but since his arrest he had stopped entirely and was seeking all the help he could to stay away from alcohol.

His drinking had led to his family having to ‘‘walk on eggshells’’ around him and he now realised the impact it had been having on them.

Miss Howard said Childs, who was on medication for a split personality disorder, had been embarrassed by his behaviour when police moved to arrest him.

There had been no premeditation to his crime and he now wanted to apologise for wasting the time of both the police and the court.

Presiding magistrate Andrea Seddon who imposed a fine of £65 together with £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge told Childs: ‘‘You have obviously shown remorse for what you will agree was unacceptable behaviour. The police officer was only doing his job.’’