Murder trial: Accused gives evidence

Oktay Kilic
Oktay Kilic

A Harrogate man accused of killing his wife’s lover said he was provoked as he took to the stand in Leeds Crown Court this week.

Oktay Kilic, 40, of Kent Drive told Leeds Crown Court “everything went dark in my eyes” after being told by his wife’s lover that his marriage was over.

The Turkish taxi driver is accused of murdering Mark Berney, 44, in a frenzied knife attack while his children looked on after finding Mr Berney and his wife in a romantic tryst in her car.

Kilic, who denies intentionally killing Mr Berney, told the court: “If you accuse me of murder then I would have to be able to predict I was going to catch them having sex.”

The suspicious husband tracked down his wife, Kathleen, using the app Find My iPhone to a country lane in North Yorkshire.

Rumbling the lovers, Kilic screamed and swore at Mr Berney – who he recognised as a former customer in his taxi. He said: “What are you doing with my wife?”

After getting into the car, Kilic alleges Mr Berney said “F**k off she doesn’t like you like any more”.

“When he said that I thought, shut up,” Kilic said.

He then said he launched his attack on Mr Berney, who was still naked from the waist down.

Kilic said Mr Berney, “Unfortunately couldn’t help himself” after making his comments.

He said: “Him insulting me made himself a target.”

He also said he had thought about giving Mrs Kilic a “good kick because it was her fault” before his “conscious came back”.

He denies planning to kill Mr Berney and said had he wanted to do something violent he would not have chosen that spot.

“There are better places to hunt someone. Even terrorists don’t take their kids with them if they wanted to do something, so I must really, really be a monster,” he said.

Kilic denies a charge of murder. The trial continues.