Menace of scrap metal thefts - CLA takes action

THE CLA has launched a campaign to get cash taken out of scrap metal dealing to help prevent the increase of metal theft from rural businesses and communities in Yorkshire.

The association, whose members own and manage more than 250 different types of rural business, is calling for the Government to legislate to ban cash sales of scrap metal.

CLA Yorkshire Regional Director Dorothy Fairburn said: “Hundreds of CLA members have been victims of metal theft, with some losing thousands of pounds repairing and replacing stolen lead and other metals.

“Thefts from heritage buildings are particularly expensive and time-consuming for owners because the building is made difficult or impossible to insure in the future.

“Banning cash sales would prevent anonymous sales because the metal could always be traced back to the person who sold it to the dealer. This is how France, Belgium and parts of the United States have clamped down on metal theft.”

Miss Fairburn said out of the scrap metal industry’s £5billion turnover, an estimated £1billion is carried out in cash.

The CLA has backed the Metal Theft (Protection) Bill proposed by Graham Jones MP and welcomed the Government’s plan to establish a £5million national taskforce to tackle metal theft.