Knife-carriers in Harrogate encouraged to surrender their weapons

Hundreds of knives have already been dropped in amnesty bins provided by police forces across the nation.
Hundreds of knives have already been dropped in amnesty bins provided by police forces across the nation.

People carrying knives and dangerous weapons in Harrogate have been invited to voluntarily dispose of the blades, as part of a nation-wide crackdown on knife crime.

Police all across the nation are taking part in Operation Sceptre - a coordinated week of action to reduce the number of knife-related crimes.

Officers have taken to social media to remind people that carrying a knife greatly increases your risk of being seriously injured, and being found with such weapons can mean a prison sentence.

Now, along with many other local forces, Harrogate police have opened a 'knife amnesty bin' giving people the opportunity to surrender weapons anonymously before they are found carrying them on the streets.

Chief Inspector Fiona Willey, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “Although North Yorkshire is a very safe place, and levels of knife crime are very low, we are not complacent. There is no place for knife crime within society, and these operations will continue throughout the year.

“Operation Sceptre is a good example of a number of forces coming together to share good practice, using an intelligence-led and co-ordinated approach to tackle knife crime and violence.

“We ask anyone with information on knife crime in their local community to contact us on 101, or pass information to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. In an emergency, always dial 999.”

A similar nationwide campaign called, Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife, saw more than 200 knives and blades collected by North Yorkshire police officers and disposed safely by the British Ironwork Centre.

Some blades, carefully selected to ensure they have not been used in any crime, will form part of a ‘knife angel’ sculpture to act as a monument against violence and aggression.

As part of Operation Spectre, this time police are asking local retailers to get on board and have handed out posters for display in shops, stating that knives will not be sold to anyone under 18, and ask anyone under 25 to show proof of age.

The knife collection bins is now in the foyer/reception area at Harrogate police station on Beckwith Head Road, and will be open until Sunday October 23.

You do not need to pass any details or communicate with the staff at the station but for safety reasons, police ask that any weapons deposited are wrapped in cardboard or thick paper.