Girl hurt on theme park ride

Lightwater Valley (S)
Lightwater Valley (S)

A five-year-old girl was rushed to hospital after being injured on a rollercoaster ride.

The child was at Lightwater Valley theme park in North Stainley on Tuesday, June 5, when she was hurt on a rollercoaster known as the ladybird at around 2.30pm, the park’s Mark Bainbridge confirmed.

Mr Bainbridge – Lightwater Valley’s general manager – said: “The girl put her foot outside the carriage and it became trapped between the carriage and the platform when it came back in to stop.

“We called an ambulance and the girl was taken to hospital, and informed the Health and Safety Executive of an accident on site.”

The extent of the girl’s injuries is not known, but it is thought ligaments and cartilage in her ankle were damaged.

A spokesman for the Health and Safety Executive confirmed they were called to an incident at Lightwater Valley and said investigations were ongoing.