Cars keyed in Manor Road K’bro vandalism

Vandals have targeted cars in Knaresborough and left up to eight vehicles on one road damaged in just one night.

Owners reported four instances of cars parked on Manor Road being scratched by keys on Friday, August 11, but the town’s police officers think up to eight cars could have been hit.

Inspector Andy Chapman said:

“All the instances happened on the same night, and we believe eight cars were affected on Thursday, August 10.”

The police have no suspects so far, and said they are not aware of any ongoing disputes that could have led to the vandalism.

“These things are often related to parking disputes, but we are not aware of anything like that in this case, ” Insp Chapman said.

Overall crime rates in the district are down and the town’s police officers have not seen a lot of lately, he added.

Officers are appealing for anyone who might have seen or heard anything, or have information that could help, to get in touch.

Anyone with information should contact PC1925 Phil Lacey of Knaresborough police by calling 101, selecting option 2 and asking for him by name.