250 apply for role with North Yorkshire police

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Editorial image

Over 250 people have applied to be a Special Constable.

In the first week of North Yorkshire Police’s campaign to recruit Special Constables 250 people applied to join the service.

The campaign, launched in January, aimed to boost the number of people volunteering to join the Special Constabulary in North Yorkshire and the City of York and increasing the numbers of officers in the service.

Residents of Harrogate and York have shown the most interest.

Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, Julia Mulligan, said: “I am extremely pleased by the response to the campaign so far.

“Joining the North Yorkshire Police family as a volunteer Special Constable is an exciting and rewarding opportunity.

“So I urge anyone with an interest to go to www.nypspecials.com to find out more.

“North Yorkshire Police are particularly keen to recruit Special Constables from a diverse range of backgrounds, ages and in rural and urban areas.

“Having spent time out on the beat in a number of different places, it’s clear Specials have significant opportunities to make a difference to their communities, as well as gain from new skills and experiences.”