Charity seeks ‘child of their city’ sponsor

Sharif, aged seven, who lives in Afghanistan.
Sharif, aged seven, who lives in Afghanistan.

Anti-poverty charity ActionAid has launched an urgent appeal looking for just one new sponsor from Ripon to step forward and sponsor Sharif, age seven, as the child of their city.

Sharif lives in Afghanistan where conflict, war, drought and poverty have made life extremely hard. In a country vulnerable to hunger, disease and displacement, six in ten children face malnutrition.

To help combat this, ActionAid works with communities to help them access the things they desperately need to feed families. This includes donating livestock such as cattle, goats and chickens and digging wells for clean safe drinking water.

Commenting on behalf of ActionAid, Jane Moyo said: “For just £15 a month, child sponsorship through ActionAid can help bring about real, long-term change. You’ll get two letters a year from the child you sponsor and updates from the country to tell you how the money you donate is changing lives.”

Throughout the appeal, which is being rolled out nationwide, ActionAid is aiming to reach 2,700 of the world’s most vulnerable children.

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