Camp Hill’s amazing maize maze

BEDALE’S Camp Hill Outdoor Adventure Park has created a giant Birds of Prey themed Maize Maze which opened to the public on Monday, August 1.

The maze is made up of over 200,000 grains of maize planted which took about 90 days to grow, and covers four acres.

Robert Ropner, owner of Camp Hill, says, “This is the latest attraction to be added to our ‘Action and Adventure‘ outdoor park, building on the huge success of our Aerial Extreme High Ropes Course. It fits in with Camp Hill’s ethos of being fun, educational, developing people skills and sense of achievement.

The maze was designed by Louise Sampson, who said it was a dramatic change from her usual design projects.

“I was more used to designing embroidery or knitting patterns. This had to be done on a massive scale. It took nearly three weeks to mark out the four acre field. We have created a lot more paths than other mazes, over two miles in total. It is quite complex for visitors but at the same time creates more fun for them because they do love getting lost! I am absolutely thrilled with the result“.

The maze should take about an hour to an hour and a half to complete and visitors can wind their way around the labyrinth of paths while solving clues to Birds of Prey puzzles. There are three levels of routes that can be taken depending on age and ability.

The Outdoor Adventure is open daily until September 4, then at weekends until the end of October. It is open from 10am - 5pm and visitors must exit the park by 7pm.