Will Rory be the top Apprentice?

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AN APPRENTICE at a Harrogate firm has reached the finals of the Heating & Ventilation Industry Awards.

Rory Percival has been shortlisted in the Apprentice of the Year category in the competition. He recently completed his three year apprenticeship with ventilation manufacturer, EnviroVent, and now works as a fully fledged product development engineer at the company’s head office on Hornbeam Park.

EnviroVent’s chairman, Ron Russell-Hobbs, said. “Rory can be described as a model apprentice. He has worked diligently to understand the demands of our industry, especially in regard to product development, and through this effort he has increased his knowledge and effectiveness to the point that he is assured of a successful career.

“As a result of his success, we have now recruited another apprentice which in these difficult times should send a message to the Government that apprenticeship places create positives for the economy.”

Rory began his apprenticeship as part of EnviroVent’s research and development team. Over the last three years, he has gained experience in product development, installation and system design. He also played an important role in liaising with external bodies such as the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE) to ensure EnviroVent’s latest products meet legislation and achieve the required certification.

The winners of the Heating & Ventilation Industry Awards will be announced at a ceremony in London on April 26.