Thornborough Cider praised at national awards

KIngsley Ash with his award-winning Thornborough Cider.
KIngsley Ash with his award-winning Thornborough Cider.

KINGSLEY Ash’s Thornborough Cider has taken second prize at the 2012 Three Counties International Cider and Perry Competition in Herefordshire.

Entered in the bottle-conditioned cider section, his North Yorkshire-produced sparkler even beat a cider from the producers named Best in Herefordshire - a victory over one of the country’s main cider producing regions.

Thornborough Cider, made in the village of Thornborough near West Tanfield, is a dry, sparkling cider made from hand-pressed apples. It is crafted from over twenty different kinds of apple, including Ribston Pippin and other old Yorkshire varieties.

Every autumn, Kingsley and his family press apples from their own orchard along with fruit from local tree and orchard owners. They would like to thank all the local apple tree owners who contribute fruit and encourage anyone with spare apples to get involved.

Thornborough Cider’s success shows that Yorkshire cider is winning increasing recognition on the British cider scene. Other high-quality producers in the county include Ampleforth and Husthwaite.

At the moment Thornborough Cider is sold at Vennell’s restaurant in Masham and The Bivouac Café, Ilton.

If you have spare apples and want to join in Thornborough Cider’s success – and receive some prize-winning cider in return – or would like further information, contact Kingsley on 07712 649475, 01677 470170 or at