Steenbergs add kosher and halal to list of accreditations

Axel and Sophie Steenberg inside their spice warehouse at Melmerby near Ripon. PHOTO: Mike Cowling
Axel and Sophie Steenberg inside their spice warehouse at Melmerby near Ripon. PHOTO: Mike Cowling

Artisan spice company Steenbergs has taken a positive stance on environmental, social and religious accreditation of its products by achieving halal and kosher certification, as well as vegan and vegetarian status.

The Melmerby-based company had already been awarded organic and Fairtrade credentials.

Axel Steenberg, who founded the company in 2003 with his wife Sophie, said: “Here at Steenbergs the key theme is to be able to demonstrate that we both appreciate and are addressing customer’s differing requirements for Steenbergs herb, spice and tea products.

“This is not only about environmental (Organic) and social (Fairtrade, SEDEX), but also about religious and other ethical factors.”

Steenbergs has registered its extracts and flower waters with The Vegan Society, with new packaging launching early next month. The full baking range will be fully vegan shortly, followed in the next few months by the rest of the own-brand products.

“Being able to say that all Steenbergs products are animal-free, vegetarian and vegan is an important milestone, and this will be achieved by mid-2017,” said Sophie Steenberg.

The company’s kosher certification with the London Beth Din Kashrut Division (KLBD) was confirmed last month, meaning that over 250 Steenbergs branded products have been certified and are permitted to include the KLBD logo. The relabelling will start shortly with the organic extracts range.

Following a detailed certification and audit process over several months, Steenbergs now has 31 products certified as conforming to Halal requirements in accordance with Islamic law. The certification is by Halal Certification Europe, which is approved by JAKIM (Malaysia), MUIS (Singapore) and other Halal authorities.

The products that conform to Halal are all blends prepared at Steenbergs, although some products are not certified as Halal, as they are processed at the ingredients’ source rather than at Steenbergs’ factories.