Poll and petition: How will the rates revaluation affect Harrogate District businesses

We want to know how your business will be affected by the rates revaluation - vote in our poll today!
We want to know how your business will be affected by the rates revaluation - vote in our poll today!

Businesses across the Harrogate District, which expect to see an increase in their rates this April, are being encouraged to sign a petition demanding more support from the government.

The Government's recent rates revaluation has caused controversy across the country, with many claiming that small businesses will be the hardest hit.

Last week, longstanding Harrogate business owners, the Stothard family, explained the revaluation would see their outgoings increase by nearly £3,000, and could force them to close.

The story made waves as far as London, where Hackney Council have encouraged businesses affected to support their petition calling for the Government to rethink the revaluation.

Councillor Guy Nicholson, Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Planning, Business and Investment, grew up in Whixley and was a student at Harrogate Art College.

He warned that the petition was relevant to any community facing the same problem as Hackney which thrives on a strong independent business community and is the hardest hit borough in England by the revaluation.

Councillor Guy Nicholson. Picture: Hackney Council

Councillor Guy Nicholson. Picture: Hackney Council

He said: “We launched this petition with the East End Trades Guild to highlight the serious impact the Government’s Business Rate proposals will have on our independent businesses and demonstrate to Government that the full support of our local communities is with our local businesses.

“Our petition and my correspondence with the Chancellor and Minister is relevant to any community facing these huge increases in rateable values.

"Businesses will have to pay thousands of pounds extra, not because turnover and profit have risen, but because the bricks and mortar around them have increased in value.

"It’s become a regressive post code lottery that runs a real risk of turning areas of employment and thriving local economies into areas of unemployment and boarded up workspaces.

“I’d encourage all businesses who are facing this disproportionate and unsustainable hike in rates, as well as anyone who values what independent businesses bring to their communities, to sign the petition and show the Government what a devastating impact its proposals will have and call for the introduction of a fairer system which supports growth and prosperity.”


How will your business be affected by the rates revaluation? Vote in our poll and let us know if you're seeing an increase, decrease or no change in your rates.