Pig farmer promotes high welfare pork

Richard Lister. (S)
Richard Lister. (S)

A PIG farmer from Boroughbridge is featured in a new recipe booklet promoting high-quality British pork.

Richard Lister, who has farmed in Yorkshire for 43 years, is one of eight farmers whose stories appear in ‘Choose It and Use It’ aiming to highlight the versatility of pork products and encourage shoppers to buy British meat raised according to high welfare standards.

The booklet is being supported by a number of celebrity chefs including Raymond Blanc and Brian Turner who have each contributed their favourite pork recipes.

Mr Lister, who has farms in the town and at Topcliffe, near Thirsk, said: “Time and time again research has shown that consumers want the choice to buy high welfare pork. We urge them to choose quality pork such as Red Tractor pork, bacon, sausages and ham.”

Mr Lister said: “We suffered major losses due to high feed prices between 2007 and 2008. Although things improved for a while the problem has returned and the situation is even worse now.

“So we are incredibly grateful to all the chefs who have backed our campaign by contributing their recipes and for calling on shoppers to look for quality marks such as the Red Tractor on packs.”

The booklet is available to download from www.pigsarestillworthit.co.uk