Crescent Gardens: Date for planning application predicted

Part of the development plans for Crescent Gardens in Harrogate showing the subterranean wellness centre.
Part of the development plans for Crescent Gardens in Harrogate showing the subterranean wellness centre.

Despite the controversy swirling round Harrogate's biggest project for years, a planning application for lavish £75 million plans to transform Crescent Gardens into luxury apartments is now expected in a matter of weeks.

Harrogate Borough Council, said it was expecting a full planning application to be submitted by developer Adam Thorpe’s company, ATP Crescent Gardens, in April.

The council would then be holding its own public consultation about the future of its former headquarters.

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The council spokesperson said: “We are expecting that the developer’s full planning application will be submitted in April and once it has been received, we will carry out our own public consultation.

“At that time, members of the public will be able to submit comments for consideration.

“It is expected that the decision on the application, once submitted, will be taken by the planning committee later this year"

Harrogate council's planning team is continuing to engage with the developer’s professional consultants as the early May deadline for a planning application for the project comes nearer.

Long-term critics of the Crescent Gardens development, Harrogate Civic Society, argue more of the civic nature of this public building should be retained in the private development.

Speaking after the recent public consultationat Rudding Park Hotel, Harrogate developer Adam Thorpe said he had set a new date for actual work to begin on site.

Mr Thorpe said: “We are commencing work in mid August to early September pending successful planning approval. It should take 12/18 months to shell and core and 12 months thereafter for fit out.”

Last week Mr Thorpe said clients had agreed to move into ten of the 12 properties at Crescent Gardens.

The development would also include a Harrogate gallery, a restaurant, gardens and an underground wellness centre.

The project’s architects, Squire & Partners are responsible for the Chelsea Barracks development and other major builds.

The sale agents are Croft Residential and Carter Jonas.