Belzona ready for diamond celebrations

bus  Belzona Polymerics MD Bill Ashcroft.  (120206M2a)
bus Belzona Polymerics MD Bill Ashcroft. (120206M2a)

A COMPANY that helped revolutionise repair and maintenance procedures in industrial and commercial facilities turns 60 on Tuesday.

Belzona Polymerics Ltd was founded in 1952 by Jörgen Svendsen and originally launched in Elland, West Yorkshire, as a metal flame spraying company.

In 1957, the company moved to Harrogate, where it pioneered the development of innovative polymer technology that has revolutionised the ways in which repair and maintenance procedures are carried out within industrial and commercial facilities.

Its products provide repair, protection and improvement of machinery, equipment, buildings and structures.

Following substantial investment in research and development, and manufacturing, Belzona has progressed over the decades to become a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial protective coatings and polymer repair composites.

It had a turnover in 2010 of £14 million and a profit of £1 million.

Belzona operates through a global distribution network of more than 160 distributors in 125 countries, who help to deliver a wide range of solutions to problems encountered in facilities maintenance and heavy industries such as power generation and distribution, water and wastewater, and oil, gas, and petrochemical.

To support the international Belzona network and meet the needs of customers worldwide, the company also has a specialist engineering support team operating from five corporate Belzona centres in England, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Over the past couple of years, Belzona has aimed to remain market leaders by investing heavily in research and development.

It recently opened a much larger R&D facility, as well as redesigning its application laboratories to host a more enhanced training experience.

The company has also made a significant investment in other areas of the business, including opening new training facilities in Thailand, Hong Kong and Canada.

In 2010, a large extension was added to the Harrogate head office in Claro Road which has allowed for the expansion of the Belzona training facilities.

Belzona’s managing director, Bill Ashcroft, said: “Belzona has come a long way since the company formed in Elland, North Yorkshire in 1952.

“We have arrived at this point in our history as a result of the incredible passion and devotion of our founder, employees, distributors, consultants and the trust and loyalty of our valued customers.

“Sixty years is a tremendous milestone, and we’re looking forward to celebrating and recognising the occasion with our global network.”

The company is planning to celebrate the 60 year milestone with various events including a three-day event in April when it will be joined by its global network of distributors.