Avoid burst pipes over winter, warns water company

YORKSHIRE Water has launched a campaign to help home-owners avoid frozen pipes and disrupted water supplies in the event of snow and sub-zero temperatures this winter.

The company received 15,000 calls about frozen water pipes in December alone and engineers dealt with five times the normal number of burst mains as temperatures dropped to -19C in some parts of the region during the coldest winter on record.

Leandra Trethewey, from the company, said: “Last year, because of the prolonged freezing conditions, a large number of our customers struggled with frozen and burst pipes.

“Although it is not our responsibility to maintain or repair issues on private pipes, we tried to help out as many people as possible.

“This year we want to help people get prepared by offering them lots of advice and offers to help protect their homes in advance of winter.”

Yorkshire Water recommends that all exposed pipe work, cisterns, tanks, taps and water meters in unheated areas are wrapped in waterproof foam lagging or insulation to prevent them freezing up.

Householders are advised to know where the stop tap is located in their property in case it needs to be turned off in an emergency. The main stop tap is usually found at the point where the pipework enters the premises, often under the kitchen sink.

The company also recommends people have a plumber’s number handy in case of an emergency and that they keep their homes warm by setting the central heating on a low heat or a 24-hour settings.

Yorkshire Water also says people going away on holiday should tell a neighbour or friend so that they can check to make sure no pipes burst during their absence.

The company also says it has placed an extra 200 four-wheel-drive vehicles on standby this winter to ensure it can access remote areas of the region to respond to emergencies.

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