'Bully' jailed after CS gas attack

A 'BULLY' who sprayed CS gas in the eyes of a woman during a late-night attack in the centre of Ripon has been jailed for 16 months at York Crown Court.

The attack happened more than a year ago as Mrs Susan Lund, 40, and her husband John were walking home from a birthday party with their 15-year-old daughter.

Mrs Lund was sprayed in the face with CS gas and her husband was assaulted when they were set upon by Charles Frederick Neate in North Street.

Neate, 35, who is originally from Ripon but now living in Leeds, was jailed for 12 months for assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Mrs Lund, and a further four months for common assault on Mr Lund.

Neate, who has previous convictions for violence and public order offences, pleaded guilty on both counts.

Mrs Lund was said to have been left traumatised after being sprayed in the eyes with CS gas, which is a prohibited substance under the Firearms Act and is not available in this country.

After the case, Sgt Craig Linton, of Ripon Police, said: "People in Ripon have stood up to a bully and Neate has been given the sentence he deserves for a cowardly, vicious attack on a couple enjoying themselves on a night out.

"The fact that CS spray was used as part of the attack aggravated the situation and the police were determined that the offender would be caught and convicted. It sends a clear message that if you do stand up and be counted you will get our support and the support of the courts."