Brimham Bee Gee memories

AS the music world mourns the unexpected death of Maurice Gibb, one of the famous Bee Gees, staff at Brimham Rocks have their own memories of the legendary trio. The Bee Gees used the National Trust location to film their smash-hit number one single 'You Win Again' back in 1987.

One of the wardens, Richard Lee, remembered the video shoot. "They were here for a day and a half, with quite a well-equipped crew who used a balloon to take aerial shots," he said. "They sang as they stood in front of the rocks, but it actually turned out to be a very small part of the video.

"One of them, I don't know if it was Maurice, threw a bit of a wobbler and didn't turn up.

"But in the final video, the rocks themselves appeared but without the Bee Gees on them."

The rock used in the shoot is called the Idol.