"666" sprayed in vandal attack on Harrogate's Pinewoods

The sprayed trees in Harrogate
The sprayed trees in Harrogate

A publically-spirited member of the Pinewoods Conservation Group is calling on parents to play a part in tackling vandalism in this cherished part of Harrogate.

Hard-working volunteer Pat Inman walks in the woods on Harlow Hill between the Valley Gardens and RHS Harlow Carr a few times a week picking up rubbish and tidying the area.
On her frequent visits with a litter picker and bin bag she says she has noticed 'dens' created she thinks by local youngsters.
Pat said: "There are three top fur 'dens' used regularly and I usually check them as there is often a lot of discarded rubbish, empty cans, beer bottles, small plastic packets, which I believe have held pills.
"On odd occasions I have even found used condoms and syringes."
On her latest tidy-up she found that some of the trees had even been vandalised.
Words and pharses had been daubed with blue spray paint on the trunks of the western hemlock trees near one of the dens.
The number six had been sprayed on three successive trees to spell out 666.
One of the Pinewoods benches has also been 'uprooted' and moved into a den.
Pat believes parents need to know exactly what their offspring are getting up to.
A very active group, Pinewoods Conservation Group also complained recently that their signs asking for good conduct for walkers, cyclists, dogs and horses on the Pinewoods tarmac path had been taken down by Harrogate Borough Council.