450 homes plan for edge of city

Part of the proposed site for up to 450 homes. (Picture - Adrian Murray)
Part of the proposed site for up to 450 homes. (Picture - Adrian Murray)

The first step has been taken towards building hundreds of new homes in fields on the south-west edge of Ripon.

One of the UK’s biggest developers, Cheshire-based Gladman Developments, has requested a screening opinion from Harrogate Borough Council for a residential development of up to 450 homes on a 23-hectare site west of West Lane and south of Whitcliffe Lane. The site is currently used for agriculture and horse-riding.

Screening opinions can be requested by developers prior to submitting planning applications to establish whether a project requires an Environmental Impact Assessment, the process aiming to identify those projects that are likely to have significant effects on the environment.

In its request, the company states: “Having considered the proposed development at land off West Lane it is our opinion that it is not of the type likely to have significant environmental effects.

“We therefore request the Local Planning Authority adopts a screening opinion to confirm no ES (Environmental Statement) is required. We trust Harrogate Borough Council will adopt this as soon as possible so that the planning application can be submitted.”

According to the proposals, access to the development site – which lies outside and to the west of Quarry Moor Nature Reserve, and Quarry Moor and New Park residential park – would be from West Lane.

Harrogate Borough Council has a statutory duty to provide a screening opinion within three weeks of receiving the request and has set a target date of Wednesday, October 1, to determine whether an Environmental Impact Assesment is required prior to any planning application for the homes development being submitted.