25 Years Service at Starbeck Morrisons

A HARROGATE man has been rewarded for a quarter of a century's loyal service to Starbeck Morrisons.

Stephen Holmes, who is Wines, Spirits and Tobacco manager, started working for Morrisons 25 years ago, and this month was recognised for his long service as he was presented with company shares by Sir Kenneth Morrison, chairman of the national supermarket chain.

Mr Holmes joined 30 other employees who were also collecting their long standing service awards and certificates at a ceremony in the stores headquarters in Bradford.

He said: "I can't believe it has been 25 years. It has passed so quickly and seems like only yesterday when I started working here. I've made a lot of friends at the store and feel very proud to have been recognised for the 25 years I have worked here."

Sir Kenneth Morrison commended Mr Holmes and the other members staff on their loyalty to the company. Speaking at the ceremony, he said: "We are very proud of our staff and it is wonderful that we have so many celebrating 25 years service.

"I would like to commend them on their hard work and loyalty, it is a great achievement and one which they should be very proud of."

Stephen started working for Morrisons in 1983. He started out as a student doing 15 hours a week at the old Kings Road store in Harrogate.

He then transferred to Starbeck when it opened in 1998 and has worked on Grocery, Checkouts, Fresh Food Pre Pack and Produce. He is currently the Manager in Wines and Spirits.

The ceremony which highlighted the staff's commitment and how their loyalty had contributed to the success of the company was followed by a celebration dinner, an evening at the theatre and a complimentary night in a hotel.

Paul Kelly, store general manager of Morrisons Starbeck, said: "Everyone at the store is delighted for Stephen who is an incredibly hardworking and loyal member of staff. So much has changed over the last 25 years but Stephen has remained the backbone of this store."