Hi-tech new kit for tennis club

Tom Johnson, left, and Terry Marshall demonstrate the new Tennis Tutor machine at Masham Tennis Club (S)
Tom Johnson, left, and Terry Marshall demonstrate the new Tennis Tutor machine at Masham Tennis Club (S)

Tennis players in Masham will be able to test their game against speeds of up to 85 mph after Mashamshire Tennis Club took delivery of a new tennis machine.

The club has bought a Tennis Tutor machine, which can challenge players by sending balls spinning over the net at 85 mph, and can change direction and elevation and add both top and under spin.

A Harrogate Borough Council helped buy the machine with a “Community Chest” grant of £850, so the club can continue its work to promote tennis to people around Masham.

Tennis Club chairman Paul Baker said: “It is great fun to use and I’m absolutely certain this will help to improve everyone’s general standards of tennis although I am a little nervous at being beaten hands down by the machine!

“We are extremely grateful to HBC. We have just completely resurfaced all three courts, we make the facilities available to visitors and to Masham Primary school and there is always room for our members to play on the courts which are in lovely surroundings.

“Our small club is thriving but new members of all ages are urgently needed to continue our development. So please come along, meet us, try out the courts, see the great clubhouse facilities of our Sports Association and try your luck against the new Tennis Tutor Ball machine.”

Now the club is planning an open day to let anyone interested in playing tennis try their luck against the machine.

On Sunday, April 28 the machine will be available from 1-3pm, and it will be used regularly in club sessions on Wednesday evenings, Thursday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

Tennis Tutor will also feature in coaching sessions for Juniors and Intermediates which are run by the club’s professional coach Chris Worwood. Ten one hour long professional sessions are available to members for only 50p from Friday, May 4, thanks to the sponsorship of Ritchey Ltd and Black Sheep Brewery.