First council garden winners

garden winners
garden winners

John and Sheila Templeton took one of the prizes in the Richmondshire District Council garden contest. The couple created a garden on a piece of unwanted land near their Brompton-on-Swale home.

“We created this competition to recognise the efforts our tenants make to brighten up their streets and estates by creating and maintaining lovely gardens and congratulations to them all,” said Coun Peter Wood, Member for Housing.

The prizewinners were: Central – 1 Mr and Mrs Templeton, 2 Mr R Elliott - Brompton on Swale and Mr and Mrs S Ward - Sleegill

Garrison – 1 Mr D Brown – Hipswell; 2 Mr and Mrs E Walsh - Colburn, 3 Mr and Mrs F Hill - Colburn and Mr S Beattie - Colburn

Lower Wensleydale – 1 Mr and Mrs J McGregor - Redmire and Mr and Mrs A Worboys – Harmby, 3 Mrs E Brown - Harmby

North Richmondshire – 1 Mr and Mrs J Dixon - Aldborough St John, 2 Mr R Carter - Croft on Tees, 3 Mr and Mrs B Swantson - North Cowton

Upper Dales – 1 Mr and Mrs G Frankland – Reeth, 2 Mr and Mrs D Bastow – Reeth, 3 Mrs M Whitehead - Reeth