A fond farewell for ‘Vulture’

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RAF Leeming Scout Group has said a fond farewell to their long term scout leader.

Sergeant Howie Fishwick attended the group’s final meeting prior to his leaving the service after an RAF career spanning 30 years.

Sgt Fishwick, who’s Scouts title is Vulture, has been the main drive behind the RAF Leeming Beavers, Cubs and Scouts community for the last five years.

He has a history with the Scouts going back over 35 years.

On his last night with the RAF Leeming 1st Scout group, Vulture awarded Ryan Short his Scouts badge and scarf as he joined the Leeming Group, a group that has grown from only four members to over 20.

The Scouts gathered at the RAF Leeming scout hut for Vulture’s last appearance and all of the children and staff present had written personal letters of thanks which they read out.

Cameron Scott, 9, was among all of the children reading out letters.

“Thank you for all of the fun you have made for me in Beavers and Cubs and for letting Mum help too.” he said.

Sgt Fishwick will be sadly missed by all of the Scouts Beavers and Cubs at RAF Leeming after being such a prominent figure in the community. However he will continue with the Scouts near his home in West Yorkshire.

He said: “I was very humbled to listen to the words the young people and leaders had put together about how Scouting has helped them.

“These words can be treasured more than objects as they are memories that remain with you. “Thanks must also go to those who are still here and putting considerable time and effort into our weekly programme.

“Without you these sessions would not take place and I look forward to hearing more about Scouting at RAF Leeming.

“To all who are involved with the 1st Leeming Scout Group a big Thank You. Goodbye from Vulture, Group dismissed.”