How a wedding gift saved the life of a cyclist

Julie Boyle, from Ripon, was cycling with her husband Peter near Whitby
Julie Boyle, from Ripon, was cycling with her husband Peter near Whitby

A woman from Ripon thanking a generous wedding gift for saving the life of her husband.

Julie Boyle, 60, and husband Peter, 67, decided to go on a bike ride through a scenic route near Whitby.

While passing The Stiddy, a pub in Lythe, the pair ran into difficulty.

Julie said: “We were out cycling and I arrived at the area on the opposite side of the road to The Stiddy just before Peter and then turned to see him draw up, dismount and place his bike against our car which was parked there.

“He then sunk slowly to his knees, saying “something is not right”. He had laboured breathing.

“I noticed that his eyes looked strange so I put Peter into the recovery position and checked his pulse and breathing. When his breathing stopped and there was no pulse I went straight into CPR.”

Luckily for Julie and Peter when owners of the pub, David and Wendy Humphreys, got married a few years ago they asked guests to contribute to buying a defibrillator for the pub.

Julie called out to three people and told them to phone 999 and to bring the defibrillator from the front of The Stiddy pub. There she worked with local man, Paul Bailey, to ‘shock’ Peter.

This was the first time The Stiddy’s defibrillator had to be deployed. After calling 999, it took just eight minutes for the paramedics to arrive and take over life-saving treatment by Paul from the defibrillator.

Peter was taken to hospital and is now recovering well at home and back to the level of fitness he enjoyed prior to the event.