Heartbroken Harrogate mum mourns heroic son who died just 11-weeks-old

Oscar Denby (s)
Oscar Denby (s)

A heartbroken mother has described her son as a “real life hero” following his death from a serious heart condition at just 11-weeks-old.

Tiffany Skilbeck, 26, was told by doctors that her son had developed a serious heart problem 27 weeks into her pregnancy before later being diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome.

After his birth on April 4, Oscar Denby was then diagnosed with Charge Syndrome but defied the doctor’s odds time and time again in his battle to survive.

However, after 11 weeks, Tiffany was given the devastating news her son’s heart condition was more complicated than originally thought and his prognosis was terminal.

Little Oscar was then checked into Martin House hospice where he spent his final days before his death on June 22.

Tiffany, originally from Harrogate now living in Dacre Banks, said that Oscar touched so many people’s hearts in such a small amount of time.

She said: “It was just one thing after another after he was born and it was a truly awful time but Oscar was such a fighter. He was definitely mine and my partner’s real life hero.

“He was out of his incubator for just three or four weeks but the nurses told us we could take him out and give him a cuddle. It was so nice to be able to have that experience.

“We were able to bath him and give him a hair wash. He had loads of hair, loved the warm water on his head when it was washed. You really have to make those times count.”

The funeral for Oscar was held at Stonefall Cemetery on Tuesday, which Tiffany described as the “perfect send-off”.

Tiffany paid tribute to the Martin House for their "amazing work" looking after Oscar and to the "incredible reaction" from residents in Harrogate.

She will now take part in the Colour Run on July 17 to raise money for Martin House alongside members from Harrogate charity ‘Our Angels’.

"I saw the poster for the colour run whilst he was at Martin House. I know it's quite short notice but I thought it would give us something to focus on and leave us with a great memory of Oscar," Tiffany explained.

"The reaction from people in Harrogate has been amazing, even from people you don't know. He has touched so many people's hearts, even people who did not know him.

"For such a small person, he's had such a huge impact on people's lives. It shows that people do pull together in horrible situations."

To donate to Tiffany, visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Tiffany-Skilbeck