Thai children welcomed to schools

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Goldsborough CE and Sicklinghall CP Schools welcomed ten students from Satit Prasarnmit Elementary School, Bangkok, Thailand to their schools.

The students, aged 10 and 11, have enjoyed an action packed visit as part of the schools’ cultural link which also explored food and sport.

Headteacher Matt Shillito said: “This is the third visit to Goldsborough and Sicklinghall from Satit Prasarnmit Y5 and 6 pupils and our link continues to strengthen.

“The pupils’ visit gives them the opportunity to learn about British culture first hand but it also gives our pupils the opportunity to find out about the Thai way of life.

“It is an absolute pleasure to see the children’s friendships blossom so quickly - I know that pupils who visited two years ago and who have all moved on to high school keep in touch regularly and I’m certain that this year’s group will forge similar international friendships.”

Visiting children learned about the cultural differences in food and sport and forged new friendships.

Deedee, 11, said: “I have made lots of friends at Goldsborough. Everyone is friendly.”

Phoom, 10, added: “I played cricket. It is a bit like baseball and it’s fun.”

Magi, 10, said: “I have really enjoyed going to host families for tea. That’s my favourite part. We have eaten foods that we don’t eat at home.”

Enfant, 11, discovered a new favourite food: “I love trifle! It has jelly on the bottom and it is delicious.”

Deejai, 10, liked the environment: “I like the scenery. There is lots of countryside and it’s not so crowded.”

Aoey, 10, added: “We have tasted lots of different foods. I love the pasta and the fish and chips.”