School of the Week: Sharow Primary School

NADV 1703132AM1 Sharow C of E School .(1703132AM1)
NADV 1703132AM1 Sharow C of E School .(1703132AM1)

Sharow Church of England Primary School is situated in the village of Sharow, just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful St John’s Church.

We have all the qualities that make a village school special, including a superb outside environment, small class sizes and a strong sense of belonging to our community.

Dedicated staff care for all our pupils, and our parents are tremendously supportive.

Children at Sharow CE Primary School learn because they love it and they are happy just to be at school.

We promote Christian values of respect for one another, friendship, curiosity, tolerance of difference and self-esteem. The heart of our vision is that individuality is something to celebrate.

Our motto is “Every Moment Matters” because we make it so - from a newly laid egg to a poem created in the woods, measuring the height of a sunflower or cheering someone on to score their first ever goal.

Our distinctive outdoor learning environment at Sharow is designed to provide a wealth of extended learning opportunities.

We have an excellent residential programme for all children in school from Year two upwards, which helps our children to develop greater independence and confidence, outside of the classroom.

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