SATS pupils picnic at the castle

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Ripley Primary Year 6 pupils celebrated finishing their SATs last week with a picnic in the grounds of Ripley Castle.

And to follow up they had ice cream.

Class teacher Mr Sadler said: “They were all positive, determined and focused and we know they have all done their best.

“Everyone at Ripley is proud of everything they have done.”

He said that the children were all very excited about finishing the compulsory tests.

One pupil said: “I felt very focused during the week of the tests but very happy about them finishing.

“The week of the tests was tiring but quite enjoyable because I was doing something new and exciting.

“I felt proud of myself that I had finished them all but also relieved they were over.

“I was worried at the start of the week but after the first test felt alright. They were actually quite fun.”