Pupils turn forensic scientists

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Harrogate Ladies’ College pupils turned forensic scientists to investigate a murder mystery at school recently.

The special CSI Day, run by the school’s Science Department, was designed to give students a taste of what collecting and analysing evidence from a real-life crime scene would be like.

Four suspects were identified and the girls worked in teams to examine a series of clues to determine who the murderer was and the motive.

They carried out a series of forensic tests to compile evidence about each suspect including fingerprinting, fibre analysis, detection of gunshot residue, determining blood groups and working out the height of the gunman from a blood splatter.

Elizabeth Hooper, Head of Science at Harrogate Ladies’ College said science is popular with pupils and added: “CSI Day was an exciting way for our girls to experience the reality of a forensic investigation.

“Bringing learning to life with is a fundamental part of our approach. The girls employed scientific techniques that forensic experts would use which really challenged their observation and analytical skills as well as scientific knowledge.“