Pupils make their votes count

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Students from Year 7 to Year 10 at Harrogate Grammar School have been involved in recent weeks in organising a mock election to coincide with the national General Election.

Students formed political parties, signed the electoral register and took their polling cards with them to vote on Wednesday June 7.

Before this, they had watched party political broadcasts produced by student-led political parties in order to inform them on the parties for which they could vote.

The Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party and UKIP stood in the Harrogate Grammar School mock election.

Turnout for the election was high, with 892 students casting a vote and a number of spoilt ballot papers.

The mock election saw victory for the Green Party, who polled 24 per cent of the overall vote, closely followed by UKIP who received 20 per cent of the vote. Miss Hooper, who organised the mock election said: “It is so important for students of all ages to feel engaged with politics, even if it might be a few years before they are allowed to vote.”

Political party candidates, from left, Reuben Aston, Stephanie Lewis, Scarlett McIlwraith, Tom Owen and Oscar Dunn.