Pupils help children go to school

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Pupils at Brackenfield School in Harrogate have again taken part in the Mary’s Meals backpack project to try to help children in poorer parts of the world.

The youngsters took in rucksacks, filled with school essentials such as paper, pencils, rulers and pens, to donate to the charity filled.

Mary’s Meals provide meals for poor children who attend school in countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America and The Caribbean. For many, this will be their only meal of the day. The backpacks mean they can attend school with all the essentials they need.

Principal, Anthony Comerford was delighted with the children’s response.

“The children really enjoy choosing items to put into their rucksack and put a lot of care and thought into what might be needed.

“They know that their rucksack donation will go directly to a child of a similar age who is less fortunate.”

He added: “In this day and age it is very difficult to comprehend that about 60 million children worldwide, nearly the same population of Britain, do not receive an education and it wonderful that charities such as Mary’s Meals are doing all they can to provide direct practical help. I am so pleased that Brackenfield can support such a worthwhile charity.”