New headteacher lays out plans

Boroughbridge High School’s new headteacher has said “volatility” surrounding curriculum changes and league table measures are the greatest challenge he faces in his new role.

Tuesday, 21st April 2015, 9:22 am
Steve Shaw, the new headteacher of Boroughbridge High School. Picture: Adrian Murray. (1504133AM1)
Steve Shaw, the new headteacher of Boroughbridge High School. Picture: Adrian Murray. (1504133AM1)

Steve Shaw said he was “proud” to have been appointed to the head position at the high school and is already focussing on building on current strengths to reach its potential.

In order to do this, Mr Shaw is aiming to push the achievement of academic excellence through hard working staff and developing new relationships with parents and the wider community.

Mr Shaw is aspiring to lead the school from its current ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted to ‘Outstanding’ and said the school would not be doing anything that was “not in the best interests of the students”.

He said: “One of the things that I have said to the staff is how proud I am to be in this position. It’s a really good and really strong school and has lots of potential to be better than it already is. It’s great for me to have a chance to lead that.

“I want this to be the school that parents think, ‘this is the school I want my child to go to, to achieve as best as they possibly can’.

“There are already lots of people working together well here as a team but we need staff working hard to develop new relationships with parents and the wider school community.

“I’m proposing becoming a little bit more visible as a school and open to the community and aim for a little more aspiration to excellence.

“This school has lots of strengths and I see my role as developing and pushing them on.”

Following the NUT Conference that took place in Harrogate last week, Mr Shaw agreed that funding was an issue facing all school leaders at the moment.

In order to deal with this, the headteacher said he was focussing on the effectiveness of teachers to do the “best job possible” for students.

He said: “What we will do here is focus on the courses and curriculum we offer and be as effective as we can.

“We need the best possible teachers here in good class sizes, doing the best job for the students.

“Volatility there has been around curriculum changes and qualifications and league table measures at Key Stage Four, in particular, as well as Key Stage Five.

“It’s a challenge for school leaders to make sense of that and then to do what is in the best interests of our students.”