Mum launches firm for cardboard cribs

A Harrogate mum has launched a new business inspired by an initiative pioneered by the Finnish state almost 80 years ago.

Thursday, 23rd March 2017, 1:13 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:52 am
Mum-of-two Toni Kitchen has launched Arvossa, a firm that makes cardboard cribs filled with useful baby items.

Toni Kitchen has spent the last year developing her Arvossa ‘baby box’ and having it safety-tested by specialists in Bradford.

Made from strong, double-walled cardboard, it is meant to be used as a baby’s first crib and comes containing a range of items designed to be useful to parents and their new offspring. Later, it can be used as a ‘memory box’ to store items of sentimental value.

The concept comes from Finland, where every family has received a ‘baby box’ – packed with early-months essentials to ensure a safe and comfortable infancy – from the government.

“I volunteer for a local charity, Baby Basics, and through that I came across this Finnish idea and thought I could make a business out of it,” said Ms Kitchen. “I see it as the future of new baby sleeping. I’d love to see it in people’s homes and I’d love the business to grow.”